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InkaLab is the Center for Applied research, innovation and technology center of Khipu Corporation. It aims to address the challenges of the tourism industry looking to help build more sustainable, eco-responsible, inclusive destinations and companies in the sector. Educational Corporation.

Until 2021, InkaLab worked as a dependency of Khipu, as of that year it has its own legal status, and operates independently, generating research and technology projects.


Roberto Portugal

Develop a specialized center for research and promotion of innovative alternatives in education, tourism and technology.

In 5 years INKALAB has become the leader in innovation and research in tourism; constituting a precedent for economic development in the rural regional economy.

Promote research, education and digital transformation with equipment and training to overcome the gaps defined in the SDGs.

Inkalab’s philosophy lies in the concepts and precepts of the Andean World Vision; unrestricted respect for the environment and a deep awareness of our close and indivisible relationship with nature. We cultivate Andean values such as yachay, munay, llankay, and ayni within the ayllu, which are equally important to us.

Among the tasks entrusted to InkaLab, supporting Instituto Khipu and Escuela Superior KhipuTech in the identification of research topics is one of the most important, paying special attention to projects that focus on the territory of Ollantaytambo, the buffer area surrounding Machu Picchu.

Here, some dedicated tourist facilities have been built as best practices to demonstrate the principles of eco and sustainable tourism to students, entrepreneurs and local communities. InkaLab also operates from the Khipu Corporation headquarters in Cusco city.